Ford MK3.5 Focus ST (Facelift) Rear Diffuser Set

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Make your MK3.5 Focus ST unique with the Flow Designs splitter set, complete with front & side splitters, rear adjustable diffuser set, rear spats & adjustable accessories. Flow Designs splitters are the most durable on the market, with guaranteed fitment to your MK3.5 Focus ST & easy installation.


Each diffuser fin is reversible giving you 2 style choices to choose from. Diffuser fins are also slotted which gives you the flexibility to set the depth. Pull them out for an aggressive look or push them in to keep it neat and tighten when done.

Diffuser fin profiles can be set before or after installation, adjustment can be done on the car by loosening a few fasteners (refer to fitting diagram).

This 8-piece set includes a pair of adjustable diffuser winglets and a pair of spats for everything to mount to.
Everything is pre-drilled and there is no need to remove the rear bumper for installation, only basic tools and knowledge is required.

Don’t want the fins? Spat can be sold own it's HERE

Kit Includes:

  • 4 x Rear Adjustable & reversible rear diffuser fins (Set)
  • Rear Adjustable Rear Diffuser Winglets (Left + Right)
  • Rear Spats (Pair)
  • 2 Flow Designs Stickers
  • Fitting kit


  • 10mm thick polyethylene composite, bevelled edges


  • Hand polished satin black


Why do we use Polyethylene Composite for Flow Designs Splitters?

Strong, impact resistant, doesn't corrode or chip, and has excellent abrasion resistance (say… from scraping on driveways and road all the time?)

Carbon Fibre is better, isn’t it?

As strong and light as Carbon fiber is, it CRACKS on impact or when under load and/or stress. Clearcoat will eventually fade & crack and become undesirable.

Install Instructions (PDF)

How Strong Are Our Splitters?


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