Speedhunters RAW - Donal Maher's Golf R

Check out the full Speedhunters article here: http://www.speedhunters.com/2020/06/why-dont-we-talk-about-the-golf-r/

Alex Berry: S15 Accessory Install With Retrofit Kit 

Our friend Alex Berry installs accessories onto his S15 V2 splitter kit with our retrofit kit.

Alex Berry: S15 Aero V3 Splitter Kit Install

Alex Berry steps through the install process for the S15 V3 splitter kit.

SubiSpeed: VA WRX Flow-Lock Rear Diffuser Feature

SubiSpeed feature our Flow-Lock rear diffuser for VA WRX and STI for their new products feature in March 2020.

Tidy: MK7R Relaunched Promo

Tidy shows off the MK7R Relaunched kit!

Tidy: Fitted Festival Vlog

Tidy vlogs his visit to the Flow Designs Australia factory as he heads down to Melbourne for Fitted Festival in 2019.

SubiSpeed: VA WRX Splitter Set Feature

SubiSpeed install our V1 front splitter with adjustable winglets and side splitters for VA WRX.

SubiSpeed: New Products December 2018 Feature

SubiSpeed now stock our VA WRX splitter set and have it fully installed on their WRX!

FT-86 SpeedFactory: October 2018 New Products Feature

FT-86 SpeedFactory showcase aftermarket parts for the month of October 2018, featuring our facelift 86 front splitter and support rods.

GrizzlyTV: Flow Designs VW MK7 GTI Splitter Review

Grizzly Gearhead gives his first impressions and installation of our VW MK7 GTI front splitter.

GrizzlyTV: Flow Designs VW MK7 GTI Torture Test

Grizzly Gearhead puts our VW MK7 GTI front splitter to the test! Spoiler alert: indestructible

Flow Designs Front Splitter vs. a 4lb Sledgehammer

We put out front splitter to the sledgehammer test. On-site testing the strength of our splitters - made not to crack and resisting impacts.

Flow Designs - Audi S3 8V PFL Sedan Splitter Kit Promo

Flow Designs - Audi RS3 8V Pre-Facelift Splitter Kit Promo

Flow Designs Aero S15 Splitter Kit Promo

Flow Designs - Mitsubishi Evolution X Splitter Kit Promo