A Series Of Firsts - The Pioneers Of Splitter Technology Since 2015

Flow Designs Australia - Unbreakable Splitters    

A Pursuit For Perfection - The First Unbreakable Splitter

If you've ever seen a Flow Designs product in person or visited our factory, you will undoubtedly notice our passion and precision craftsmanship we place into every single piece we manufacture in-house and finish by hand. In our initial pursuit to produce a quality splitter that could sustain substantial wear and tear and yet maintain aero aesthetics, we found ourselves engineering a polyethylene composite that is near indestructible - a claim that we and other independent sources have tested extensively. But our motivation to deliver more innovations to our loyal customers and the automotive world would not stop there - the Flow Designs factory is quite literally a lab for us to continue creating technology that would allow for more ease of use and custom options to suit individual tastes. Who would've thought a mere splitter would have so many hours of engineering, design and testing placed into it?


Flow Designs Australia - Custom Splitters  

Aerospacers & Winglet Extensions - The First Fully Customisable Splitter

Having a Flow Designs splitter on your car automatically adds to its uniqueness - but we wanted to push it one step further because we know our customer base is about automotive customisation and styling. By offering Aerospacers and Winglet Extensions to our various splitter sets and designs, we allow you to push the boundaries of custom auto styling to whatever suits your taste. Need a more aggressive splitter to match the the wide stance of your ride? No problem, add a Winglet Extension and you can choose exactly how wide you want to take it. Again with simplicity and the customer in mind, we are the first to create an integrated bolt-on system that specifically pairs with our splitters - we don't just throw on a winglet or hold it up with an L-bracket. Our pre-installed brass thread gives you the flexibility to easily bolt-on and adjust the extensions and winglets with just an allen key.


Flow Designs Australia - Aerospacers  

To widen the field of custom options, the founding directors developed a modular and stackable spacing hardware specifically designed to integrate with Flow Designs splitters, which are now referred to as Aerospacers. Being the first to conceptualise, develop and produce Aerospacers, they were designed as a solution to securely fasten Flow Designs components to body panelling which had curved or multi-levelled sections. Variations of stacked Aerospacer configurations created a solid mounting platform that would bridge any spaces between the splitter and the car - ensuring the most secure fitment possible. Finer height and angle adjustments can be made by adding washers to the base of the Aerospacer pockets - again allowing individual tastes and custom setups to be satisfied.    


Flow Designs Australia - Aerospacers


Flow Designs Australia - Aerospacers


Flow Designs Australia - Aerospacers


Flow Designs Australia - Flow-Lock Technology  

Flow-Lock Technology - The First Snap Locking Splitter System

We don't just mass produce products - each piece is manufactured in-house and finished by hand - undergoing careful inspection prior to delivery. Because of this craftsmanship mindset, we spent our recent months extensively experimenting and testing new methods of installation and refining visual details of our splitters. In order to optimise simplicity, aero aesthetics and ease of installation, we landed on what we have coined Flow-Lock - a simple interlocking integral assembly system which comprises of tight-tolerancing and constraining features that mechanically join together. Being manufactured from the same unbreakable polyethylene composite and various materials, along with a mix various plastics ensures strength and durability to any splitter with Flow-Lock Technology. We must mention another core benefit to Flow-Lock is there are no visible fasteners - giving your car the sleekest styling possible on the market to date.