Current update as of 31 March 2020

Summary of current situation at Flow Designs Australia

We are unaffected by the current COVID-19 restrictions enforced by the Victorian government and continue to manufacture and ship as usual, however we advise you to place your orders ASAP as any further industry restrictions will cause delays to your order.

Avoid delays and disappointment by placing your orders in now. 

Details of current situation affecting Flow Designs Australia

Flow Designs Australia is based in Melbourne Australia, with our design team and manufacturing facility situated 30 minutes east of the Melbourne CBD. In the state of Victoria, there is currently a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are fortunate as the current lockdown does not involve any restrictions in our industry, so we will be operating as per usual. Our staff are adhering to social distancing and hygiene measures and have taken strict health and safety protocol within our factory.

Your order will not be affected from our end during the current lockdown restrictions. We have plenty of stock and materials on hand to continue fulfilling all orders as usual, and from our knowledge all domestic couriers are operating as normal with minimal delays. International postal services may be delayed due to new import/export procedures enforced in various countries, so get in early to receive your products as soon as possible.

To continue to adapt to the crisis situation and minimise any delays, we have already organised measures to ensure order fulfilment should there be any further restrictions. If the restrictions increase there will be delays, any orders placed during the delay period will be prioritised by order date.

We understand our authorised dealers may be unavailable during this period, however all our products include instructions in which a beginner can complete a proper DIY install with very basic tools. A DIY car project at home is perfect during this lockdown period - we encourage you to stay home and mod your car!

We value all our customers - this is why you are Flow Family, and we will continue to keep everyone updated when situations change. As mentioned we have already planned for various scenarios, and we will adapt appropriately to continue to best serve you.

Most importantly keep your friends and loved ones safe, and check in on those who are at risk of contracting COVID-19. Practice safe hygiene and social distancing and together we can contain the spread of the virus.

- Team Flow Designs