MK7 Golf GTI Rear Spats (Pair) & Flow-Lock Fins


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Suits Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI (2012-2016)



Rear winglets sold separately.

Get the original and best rear spats for your MK7 Golf GTI, which are trusted by Volkswagen enthusiasts and modified car owners worldwide. Being the first to conceptualise, develop and manufacture the strongest front splitters and rear spats on the market, all our rear spats are backed by our 10 year warranty. Our 10mm polyethylene composite used in our rear spats are completely impact-resistant and superior to any comparable ABS product - watch our front lip splitter stress test to see how durable our splitter products really are. 

All Flow Designs MK7 Golf GTI rear spats are designed, manufactured and dispatched from our factory in Bayswater Victoria, making us proudly Australian-made and owned. Once you order your rear spats, it is hand-finished, polished and quality inspected by our team to ensure you receive the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

All our rear spats are designed to accurately suit the OEM MK7 Golf GTI rear bumper. Perfect fitment is guaranteed and instructions are provided for an easy installation process (which can be completed with simple hand tools). We have pre-drilled all our parts so there is no guesswork for you, with visual prompts so you know exactly where the rear spats sit on your MK7 Golf GTI OEM rear bumper.

The Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI rear spats shares the same durability and strength as our renowned VA WRXi30N and Ford Focus RS line up which is trusted by car enthusiasts worldwide.

Further customise your rear spats with MK7 Golf GTI rear winglets. These can be installed in our pre-pressed brass fittings already installed on the rear spats - the adjustable options allows you to match the width to the wheel setup of your Golf GTI. The complete MK7 Golf GTI Lip Splitter Kit is also available.

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Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI Rear Spats Kit Includes:

  • Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI rear spats (pair)
  • x2 Flow-Lock fins
  • x2 Flow Designs stickers
  • Fitting kit

Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI Rear Spats Material & Finish:

  • 10mm thick polyethylene composite, bevelled edges
  • Hand polished satin black
  • Flow-Lock fins: scratch resistant textured ABS plastic


Why do you use polyethylene composite for your products?

Strong, impact-resistant, doesn't corrode or chip, and has excellent abrasion resistance (eg. scraping on driveways!)

How is your splitter so strong?

The splitter becomes an integral part of your stock body kit, giving it unrivalled rigidity and strength so it can absorb scrapes and protect your bumper.

What about carbon fibre?

As strong and light as carbon fibre is, it cracks on impact or when under load and/or stress. Clearcoat will eventually fade or crack, becoming undesirable.

Tell me about ABS plastic!

Please note that although all our precision-made ABS accessories are extremely strong and durable, they do not hold the same shatterproof label as our 10mm thick polyethylene composite splitters. The accessories are manufactured in ABS with the intention that they will be lighter, bolt-on attachments that will improve aesthetics and are easily replaceable if they become damaged from varying road conditions. 

Install Instructions (PDF)

How Strong Are Our Splitters?


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